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authenticity, creativity, resilience

Some of my work using CS for generative art

animated gifs?

Inspired? I created tools for you to generate art!

Try it out here

Click on the button icons/ brushes and paint the canvas


Face Tracking & Masks

face-tracking / movement-tracking / landmarks

Consciousness House
(a chat bot)

vue / tracery / chancery

Bling Buddy (design prototype)

human-centered product design / prototyping/ engineering

Hand Tracking using ML

hand-tracking / ML / prediction

Alien Multiverse
(a game)

evolutionary algos / p5js / generators

Particle Swarms & Optimization

generative methods / swarms / p5js

Is your password breached?
(a CLI tool)

k-anonymous privacy / Have I Been Pwnd? / password breaches

Solar System
(a game)

generators / JavaScript / p5js

A paint tool & personalized brushes

interactivity / JavaScript / art

Data Visualization

vue / JavaScript / p5js

Implementing privacy attacks using machine learning

ML / differential privacy / Python

Animations/ GIFs

generative methods / JavaScript / art

Ocean Space
(a game)

generators / JavaScript / p5js

Can Spotify help you run faster?

machine learning / analytics

Cognitive neuroscience paired with AI

neural networks / human cognition

Deep Face Recognition

advanced computer vision / pattern recognition

Evaluating Patterns of Data Breaches

data privacy / data breaches / data visualization

Building privacy-preserving ML models

black-box attacks / membership attacks / differential privacy

Texture Image Analysis & Classification

image processing / feature extraction

Learning System
(design prototyping)

user research / design prototyping/ learning scienes

Creating learning spaces that matter

learning sciences/ inclusive learning / multimodal interfaces

Squad Gallery

generative methods / squad portfolio / CS x Art


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Hi, I'm Afreen. I love building & designing innovative "stuff" & enjoy creative thinking about products & their impact on people. I graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science and a minor in Engineering Management at Northwestern University.

I am currently employed as Product Manager - User Experience at Verkada (previously Lead Product Manager at Goalster Corp), a Researcher at TIILT lab, and a Teaching Assistant for CS 211 for which I was awarded the Peter and Adrienne Barris Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. I plan to build expertise in the software lifecycle, product management, user research and operations.

software development


product management

analytics & strategy

afreen bhumgara? afreen bhumgara?

A paint tool & personalized brushes

generative methods / JavaScript / art